Tuesday, March 22, 2005

podcast #3, dictionaries

podcast #3, dictionaries

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Oxford Color Spanish Dictionary
paperback, 100,000 words, phrases and translations
marking system, circle, solid circle, highlight, flashcard
ISBN 0-19-864562-7

Larousse Diccionario Educativo
recommended by 2 immersion language schools
ISBN 970-22-0696-0
example sentences, regional usage, synonyms

The Pop-up Oxford Spanish Dictionary
240,000 translations; 170,000 words, phrases and definitions
only available for Windows; anyone know of a Mac equivalent?
can load English-Spanish or Spanish only dictionaries
other languages available with same iFinger engine

Franklin electronic handheld translator
model DBE-1450, uses Merriam Webster
can enter any form of a verb
translates both directions
stores looked up words in a word list
has conjugations (not easy, but they are there)
also has word games
includes a calculator for changing temperatures, quantities, weights, etc.

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